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My Say

For twenty years I have written My Say to keep you informed and express my gratitude. Now we have entered a new day.

Two wonderful customers Michele Koch and Mechelle Webster have come forward and bought One Good Woman. These outstanding women and wonderful retailers intend to maintain the OGW tradition.

I know you will give them what you have given me –A Chance. If you do that I am certain you will be delighted with the result.

As you know, One Good Woman has been my pride and joy. Now I am leaving my pride and joy in hands I admire and trust: yours and theirs. Take good care and from the bottom of my heart Thank You.

With love,


One Good Woman - A hand crafted blend of smooth, delightful Columbian Supremo, Sumatra Mandheling and Ethiopian Harrar medium roasted coffee beans. This is the fresh coffee blend that started our business. This tisane is a naturally caffeine-free infusion of Apple, Apricot, Red currant, Rosemary, Allspice, Cloves & NY State Hops. This black tea contains three types of cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves. Makes a wonderful cup of tea for cold days and you can boil apple cider and make a cup of cider tea to warm and fill you at the same time.
One Good Woman
Our Price: $13.25
Winter Solstice
Our Price: $8.50
Hot Cinnamon Spice
Our Price: $7.50