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My Say

I can't tell you how happy I am to be writing the spring 2015 newsletter. This means that the winter is over! Joe told me when he was a little boy he thought he should be able to fly so he used to run around the back yard trying to get up speed and take off. When he decided to launch himself from a tree, his dream came to a sudden stop. Well, this winter I was ready to follow him out to the yard and try to launch ourselves after the geese flying south.

Now it is warm and may all the wonders of renewal and new growth by yours. At OGW, we will do our part with new products and a new spirit to refresh and invigorate. Before you fly south you have to check us out. I look forward to seeing you!!


Mother's Day Special Event

Saturday, May 9th, 2015 10 AM - 2 PM

Compass Tea - Phil & Kelly will be here for a tea sampling of their wonderful brews.

Danika's - Teresa will bring her farm to table local foods for sampling.

Recycled Threads - Debra will be exhibiting her recycled hot pads and tea cozies.

Soap du Jour - Back by popular demand, Barb & Jana, with the ultimate fragrances.

Check out our
Online Mother’s Day Special
$30 with free shipping (online only).

NEW Vendors

Oohlong - a new line of elegant wooden tea containers.

Scarves, Scarves, Scarves!! - You get the picture.

Juco - In from Australia simple, honest, reusable glass cups in a host of lively colors.

Auntie Oti - Hand-made and very handsome table coverings and scarves.

Paddywax - Candles and soaps in bright spring floral fragrances.


Have you visited our reorganized and expanded tea area at OGW? Betsy, our outstanding tea buyer, has done a wonderful job. Some of the best and brightest new teas are:

Organic Apple Ginseng - an immune booster.

Organic Yerba Mate - A natural energizer.

Strawberry Black - Refreshing in time for Spring.

Organic Pi Lo Chun - One of China’s Top 10 Teas. Great floral aroma.

Organic Peach Oolong - Iron Goddess of Mercy and a blend of peaches, hibiscus, berries - try it hot or cold! Yum!!

Organic Pu-erh Tuo Cha - First grade Pu-erh pressed into bowl shaped pieces.


My Say

This Holiday Season I have made up my mind to do some serious appreciating. My appreciation starts with you and my gratitude to you for your patronage and support. We are having a record year at One Good Woman. I give you all the credit. Thank you! Next, I have decided to treat each and every person with Holiday respect, appreciation and kindness. I intend to show that respect, kindness and appreciation throughout the year. That is my holiday promise.

From all of us at One Good Woman, to you, your family and your friends and to our community a wonderful Holiday and a splendid New Year full of respect, appreciation and kindness ! God Bless!

Thank You!!


Holiday Hours

Monday 10 - 5

Tuesday 10 - 5

Wednesday 10 - 5

Thursday 10 - 7

Friday 10 - 5

Saturday 9 - 4

Holiday Highlights

One of the joys of Christmas that I love is bringing new and wonderful gifts for family and friends to One Good Woman. For the men's corner we have Wild & Wolf's fly fishing mugs, books and outdoor supplies. In addition, we have brought in Canvas bowls and mugs that mimic vintage metal ware to take on any camping trip. Of course, I did not forget the ladies (We are One Good Woman!) and have hand knit gloves, ponchos, scarves, headbands and slipper sox! Savannah Bee honey lotions, washes, royal jelly, and body butters are always a welcome gift. Finally, we have racks of wonderful inspirational books lining our shelves.

Eat, Drink and of Course Be Merry!

If you have been in the shop you know it is stocked to the brim with great treats like Zoe's Chocolates, Curly Girl eatables, Pelican Bay Hot Spice wine, cider and chai mixes. In addition we have a full line of Stonewall Kitchen treats including their wonderful Holiday Jam. Plus, British Chutneys to serve with Artisan crackers. From Gardners, PA to Charlotte, NC to Bonnieux, France -- beautiful honeys -- honey pearl candies -- honey drink mixes.

Coffee, Tea and . . .

We have brought back the full line of outstanding holiday coffees including Jazzy Java, Christmas Cookie, Egg Nog Crème Brulee, Frosty's Favorite and Mistletoe Delight. Our holiday teas this year are outstanding with Holiday packaged teas from Tea of Life, Time for Tea and Flying Bird Botanicals. In addition, we have a full line of tea pots, tea equipment and holiday gift boxes for every tea lover on your list.

Holiday Ordering

We custom make all our holiday gift baskets so please order in advance and be sure to ship early so your gift arrives on time. If you have a large coffee or tea order call (717)975-8101 and let us have it ready for you when you come by the shop.

One Good Woman Fall 2014 Newsletter

My Say

18th year in business means several important things to me. First, are the fine people who have worked and presently work at One Good Woman. A young girl asked me what it was like being a boss? I told her, "It is like being part of a wonderful team." I really appreciate my teammates... being in business this long assures me it can be done and you don't have to be hard, cold or impersonal to be a success. Finally and most important are all the wonderful people like you who I have met and gotten to know. OGW has never lost sight of the people vital to our business - YOU -- our valued customers.

Thank You!!


Local Vendors

Permit me a huge shout out to local businesses serving One Good Woman fine coffees and teas:

  • Mt. Hill Tavern at Colonial & Linglestown Road.
  • Yellow Bird Cafe on 3rd St in Harrisburg.
  • Note the new restaurant on 2nd Street in Harrisburg.
  • Harvest at the Broad Street Market.


New for the fall --- Finca La Milaculous (Miracle Farm) A creamy Columbian with hints of sugar cane & herbs. This is an outstanding medium roasted winner. Just in time for autumn leaves and cool temps Pumpkin Spice is back.


The great Betsy Rosen, our tea lady, has selected four new teas and a book you will definitely want. they are all coming in this fall.

  • Root Beer Rooibos - with cinnamon, licorice, sassafras root, orange peel. It tastes every bit a mug of creamy root beer!!
  • Honey Lemongrass - This one is not hard to figure out. Take the tart of a lemon and the smooth of honey, viola you have a great cup of tea.
  • Honey Pistachio Biscotti - unlike many flavored teas you can actually taste the honey, pistachio and biscotti. It is very good.
  • Cafe Latte Black tea - with cocoa, coffee, yerba mate and chicory. You will have to find it out for yourself why the entire staff gave this five stars.

Now for the book - Harney & Sons, our fantastic tea company, have published The Tea Cookbook with time tested recipes for cooking gourmet meals with tea. This book should be on every tea lover's pantry shelf.


We went in search of great food companies inside and outside Pennsylvania and found some really good ones for you!

Eat This from Bucks County makes the best marmalades Joe has ever eaten and Joe claims he has eaten them all.

Bumbleberry Farms hand crafted flavored honey made by bees and human hands in Somerset County.

Callicutt Spices the product of our local spice & herb genius Robert Orth.

Bacon is the hot fall food trend. We have Eat This Bacon Marmalade - a definite Yummy! Our Heather says, "Super on sweet potatoes!" Stonewall Kitchen has come out with Maple Bacon Onion jam. Like everything Stonewall does it is outstanding!

New companies who will be here this fall include:

A&B - American style hot sauces.
Cocktail Crate - Craft organic cocktail mixes.
Emmy's Super Cereal - Vegan, raw & organic cereal that is almost granola.
Green Mountain Mustards - Rid the world of bright yellow mustard.
Quince & Apple - Small batch preserves and syrups from Wisconsin.
Ben's Sugar Shack - Direct from New Hampshire, maple syrup, maple cream, maple candy.

Fall Gifts

Weathered Flannel Shirts - Joe found this shirt in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, bought it and wore it all winter so I went out and found them. They are warm and snuggly. I know, I tried it when Joe wasn't looking.

Tickled Pink - This is a great company! They make ponchos, infinities, scarves, cable knits, strips and tweeds you are going to love.

Mary Lake Thompson - has come out with a whole new line of outstanding towels and fall goods.

CorkPops! - we have two products for wine lover gifts from Cork Pops!; an elegant wine chiller & pourer and an all glass wine preserver. They are both worthy of your home.

One Good Woman Spring 2014 Newsletter

My Say

Winter was wonderful for skiers, snowboarders and people who drive plows…for the rest of us; gardeners, hikers, and those relaxing in the morning sun savoring a wonderful cup of coffee, spring is finally here. Yipeee!

At One Good Woman we do not rush the seasons. We try to make them as full and rich as possible. We have a bee table, a gardening table and wonderful coffees, teas and goodies to fill your spring to the brim.



Calendar of Events

March 20th
The first day of Spring!

April 15th

April 20th

April 23rd
Administrative Professionals Day, also known as no one can do it alone day.

April 26th
Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop, Fredricksen Library and One Good Woman combine to bring best-selling authors Alice Alfonsi and Marc Cerasini, authors of the popular Coffeehouse Mysteries (pen name: Cleo Coyle) to Central PA.
Reservations required: 717.795.7470.

May 11th
Mother’s Day

New Gift Companies

There is always something new at OGW. This spring it is Wild & Wolf adorable bee houses and gardening items, Paddywax candles & handwashes, Emily McDowel cards & towels, Maine Woolens summer throws and Jazzed, small bags in fun patterns. All are certain to quickly become old favorites!!

For the Kitchen

Our friends up at Stonewall Kitchens have done it again with new pasta, cheese bits, Puttanesca Sauce, peach chutney, Jamaican jerk sauce, classic stir fry sauce and sea salt caramel dessert sauce. Joe & I sampled them and Joe said, “I hope nobody buys them so we can bring them home”. They are that good!

Let me also mention Effie’s cookies. You love them, I love them and now they come in Rye Cakes and Cococakes as well as the terrific Oat, Corn And Pecan. Yum!


Calling all coffee lovers, on April 26th David Key our coffee roaster supreme will be here with new exciting coffees to sample. This is a must for coffee lovers.


There is a lot to discuss like ice tea packs from Harney and Son. Each pack yields 2 quarts of Organic Peach, Raspberry Herbal or Organic Green tea.

We have very beautiful Kotobuki tea tins to beautify your tea collection and we have exciting new teas like Decaf Vanilla Comoro, Midsummer Decaf Peach and Decaf Paris. Yes, Paris an OGW favorite, is now in decaf. We also are introducing Rose Scented black tea and Koh Samet Sun, a delicate blend of ginger, orange peel and lemongrass.

One Good Woman Winter Newsletter

My Say:

The happiest holidays begin with warm, wonderful, welcoming spirit. They continue with a graceful and grateful and giving heart. They fulfill in neighborliness, newness and nobility of purpose.

At One Good Woman we put all these qualities into everything we do especially at this time of year. We hope you can find these wonderful qualities in your own lives and we hope you share them with the world.

So from all of us at One Good Woman to all of you and to your family and friends a wonderful Holiday and a splendid New Year full of spirit, heart and purpose!


Holiday Highlights!

Every year I go for something extra-special for the Holidays. This year we have woven blankets and throws from MacAusland's Woolen Mills on Prince Edward Island. These are soft, beautiful and warm from a 100 year old mill. With the blankets we have vintage inspired holiday T-shirts, hand knitted stockings, Fog Linen napkins and dish towels. As you may know linen is One Good Woman's favorite fabric!! And, do not forget fingerless gloves, hand knit caps, knit slippers and scarves.

Men Matter

(More than I can tell you!)

I found a company named Esschert Designs who make log carriers, work gloves and tool aprons for handymen on your list. All items must pass the Joe test. We also have birdhouses, books, leather journals and the One Good Man products including the new One Good Man pilsner glasses.

New for One Good Woman

Besides the new pilsner glasses we have brought in newly designed spill proof travel mugs. Of course we have a full line of vintage mugs, 'latte' mugs, brand new elegant wine glasses and One Good Woman canvas totes which are a real bargain at $3.00.!

Eat, Drink and of course Be Merry!

Our new lines of candy treats include Salt & Ayre from Rhode Island, Lake Champlain Chocolates from Vermont and With Love Chocolates. Plus we are the first retail outlet for Callicut Spices a local company whose out of this world spices enhance any meal. In addition you will find the Savannah Bee line of body care items and so much more including; cutting boards, jewelry, household products and treats for the entire family including the cat & dog.

Coffee, Tea and...

We have brought back the full line of outstanding holiday coffees including Jazzy Java, Christmas Cookie, Egg Nog Crème Brulee, Frosty's Favorite and Mistletoe Delight and several new ones!

In addition we have the full line of Holiday Teas from outstanding companies like Harney Tea, Tea for Life, and Mary Lake Thompson Teas.


One Good Woman Fall Newsletter

My Say:

As we begin our 17th year in business, let me say a simple thank you to you who have stuck with me. Your loyalty and support has carried us from the back of my Jeep to a full time operation employing 15 people. I am so grateful to you for helping to make my dream a Camp Hill reality. In addition, the wonderful employees I have now and have had through the years deserve a big thanks. I could not have done it without you.

In keeping with our tradition I have attached a coupon for 17% off for the week of October 21st through the 26th. Someone asked me what happens when we reach 100 years? I told him we will worry about that when we get there. Meantime be sure to bring your coupon present it at the register for your discount. We have wonderful things for Fall and the Holidays. I know you will enjoy them!

Thank You,


17% off
Oct. 21st thru 26th.
You must bring coupon to the store.

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New Web Site

Our new updated web site is launched at www.onegoodwoman.com. We have simplified and made the site as user friendly as possible. This is your chance to help create success. Please visit the site, tell us what you think and of course, let all your out-of-town friends know how they too can get the freshest specialty coffees, the finest teas and greatest gifts. Who knows, one of those gifts might be coming to your house. Wouldn't that be nice!


Every year another area claims the title of the "Best Coffee" Sometimes it is Hawaii, sometimes Jamaica, sometimes Ethiopia. This year it is Panama where coffee is grow on small estates high in the mountains. Our newest coffee is an example of the best of Panama -

Panama Hacienda Baru Indian High - This is a balanced brew with a wonderful aroma, smooth creamy body, with a citrus acidic body undertone and chocolate notes and a brown sugar aftertaste. Wow!

It is fall and that means two favorites are making a re-appearance.

Pumpkin Spice - All the flavor of a pie in wonderful cup of coffee with traces of nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice.

Apple Crisp - Tastes like we baked a gooey apple turnover into a cup of wonderful coffee.


We are adding new teas all the time as they come on the market or as our customers recommend them. For the fall our lineup of new teas include:

Genmaicha - (Green Tea) This Japanese green tea is mixed with rice kernels while being dried to produce a tea that is crispy, with pop. The tea retains a pleasant roasted rice flavor with hints of citrus from Bancha... it is evocative of popcorn.

Golden Monkey - (Black Tea) This dark tea with golden tips is believed to resemble a monkey's paw. A savory aroma, with hints of cocoa and spice make way for a full bodied, smooth cup revealing undertones of honey and a sweet finish.

Apple Cinnamon - (Black Tea) Fall in a New England orchard, a comforting black tea blend with fruity flavor with just enough cinnamon to spice it up. This tea is the apple lover's dream come true.

Mutan White - (White Tea) A subtle mix of silvery buds and green leaves this is the tea for quiet reflective moments of peace and order.

Winter Solstice - (Herbal Infusion) This tisane made in the USA is a blend of apple, appricot, red currant, rosemary, allspice, clover, and hops in a caffeine-free blend to warm the body and soul on the long nights of winter.


There is a lot to talk about so let's get right to it!!!

The Jam Stand - Two young ladies in Brooklyn, NY started this company and they push the limits of Jam by combining unique flavors, fresh fruit and outstanding quality to make the most delicious jams. Think if this as the Ben & Jerry's of Jams.

Urban Accents - Want to add zip and vitality to any meal? Urban Accents' unique flapjack mixes make for a spectacular brunch and their Three Way spices include recipes for using the spices to the best possible effect. Meanwhile, their dry rubs go on dry, turn to glaze and result in great grilling and roasting. All I can say about their popcorn is it was voted 2013 Snack of the Year.

Salt Sisters - Charmane Skillen uses only natural sea salt, natural herbs and natural flavors in Salt Sister's blends of cooking and baking salts, seasonings, sugars and flavors. All you do is add them to enhance any meal.

Tate Baking Company - You know the green bags with the pictures of cookies on the front, now there are new varieties beyond Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal. Added to our selection are Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip and Gluten Free Ginger Snap. They are both wonderful!!

French Farm - I love French Farm. They make the most elegant products and this year we will have a full line of their chutneys, confits and jams. These exquisite blends of fruits produce savory flavors to pair with your favorite cheese and crackers.

Diana & Daughters - This is a simple family recipe brought to life by a wonderful Italian family. Their sauce is great on pasta, on salads, on crackers, with cheese and rare meats. This is home made to perfection.

Fat Toad Farms - Down a long, sometimes muddy road in Central Vermont, you find Fat Toad Farms the makers of some of the best caramel you have ever eaten. This is sauce that works for any dessert; ice cream, pound cake, apples, bananas. Velvety-textured, moist, creamy and fresh tasting. Yummy.

Pies Are In - That is right! Cupcakes are out and pies are in and we have pie making essentials to make your next pie, your very best pie.

Food Vendor's Day - Saturday, November 9th, 10 AM - 2 PM

This is an annual event where we invite up and coming and old favorite food vendors to introduce them and allow our customers to sample their products. This how we found Karen's Crunch and Sweet Jubilee Gourmet. This year's line up includes:

Brad's Raw Foods - these products are air dried vegetables that are super healthy. Amanda, a Perry County native who works at Brads, will be on hand to give you the nutritional secrets that make Brad's so wonderful.

Calicutts Spices - This most exciting new company from Mechanicsburg, handcrafts unique and traditional fresh spice blends. You have to taste these spices to understand the difference fresh makes in spices.

Stonewall Kitchen - this long time favorite is always coming out with new products and this is your chance to sample the latest.

Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookstore - Deb Beamer will be here with the latest cookbook mysteries.

Nourish Coaching - Gail Coleman is a integrative nutrition coach who is very approachable with questions and hints to improving your body, your spirit, your life by monitoring what you eat.

Fall Products

OK Fashionistas it is your turn. We are loaded with wonderful products like Ponchos (the latest accessory) and scarves, jewelry and leather goods.

We also brought in a fall line of mason jars, martini shakers and drinking glasses that are vintage colorful and a delight in the home.

Special Events

Every year we support local schools, libraries, food banks, charitable organizations, churches and health care organizations with gifts and contributions. So far this year we have donated 45 gift baskets. In addition we will be supporting:

Hearts in Song Fashion Show and Musical Extravaganza at the Hotel Hershey Friday October 11th. This event supports the Penn State Hershey Heart and Vascular Institute.

Power of Style at the West Shore Country Club. This annual event supports the YWCA of Greater Harrisburg in providing shelter to abused and battered women.