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The coffee growing region known as the Americas runs from Mexico down through Brazil and Jamaica.  These coffees have a blend of full bodied and acidic characteristics. Balanced is often a word used to describe coffee from this region. It is most commonly used in the United States as breakfast blend since some areas of this region can be transported without overseas shipping.
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Organic Fair Trade - These medium roasted coffee beans feature a smooth, impressive flavor. Roasted carefully to fully display the complex rich flavors is our specialty. Organic Fair Trade-Using a slow roast process, our Roast Master creates an exceptionally dark roasted coffee bean offering smoky flavor, a light body and an old world European flavor. Guatemala Huehuetenango Organic  Fresh Coffee
French Roast
Our Price: $14.75
Italian Roast
Our Price: $14.75
Guatemala Huehuetenango
Our Price: $14.75
This dark roasted coffee features a bittersweet smooth flavor. Roasted carefully to fully display the complex rich flavors. Our Roast Master uses a slow roast at low temperatures to create an exceptionally dark roast offering smoky flavor, light body. Enjoy old European flavor from every cup. Organic Fair Trade. Boasts a complex fruity aroma with notes of vanilla and cinnamon with a slightly smoky finish.Organic. Regular only.
Peruvian Fresh Coffee Mexican Chiapas Coffee Brazil Daterra Organic Coffee
Our Price: $14.75
Mexican Chiapas
Our Price: $14.75
Brazil Daterra
Our Price: $14.75
This coffee is grown at very high altitudes in the Andes Mountains. It is one of the lightest and mildest premium coffees available in the world. Our Peru is purchased directly from La Flor Del Zapote. Fair trade. Regular only. Grown in Southern chiapas this coffee is grown high near the Tacana Volcano. This Mexican Chiapas is purchased directly from the area farmers. The cup has light body, low acidity and a slight chocolate finish. Direct trade. Regular only. In the cup Brazil shows a rich, syrupy body extremely low acidity and surprising sweetness. The old, deeply­ weathered laterite (non volcanic) soil imparts a characteristic peatiness aroma. Organic. Regular only.
Scandinavian Blend Fresh Coffee
Scandinavian Blend
Our Price: $14.75
One of our most popular crafted blends. We take a medium roasted Colombian Supremo and mix in dark French roast, adding a smoky flavor. The result is a smooth South American coffee and an all around exceptional cup of coffee. Regular only.